second half of S3 airing on SciFi

Hi there. I'm a first-time poster, long-time lurker.  Some things about SGA that makes me squee?  
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The Return, part 2 aired last night on the SciFi channel in the US. Doesn't anyone want to squee about it now that we're starting to catch up? (OK, I don't have cable so I haven't seen it. But I am massively spoiled for S3 anyway.)

I just thought I'd try to get some squeeful discussion going since it's been so quiet here.
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Found in adogs_breakfast:

LJ has a feed for the latest images posted publicly here:

Someone has set up a community with an automatic script to scrape off [link] any image that is posted publicly that meets LJ icon requirements and post them to that community (iconscraper). The posts in the community hotlink the original source of the images.

However, you can opt out your journal, and prevent images you post publicly in your journal from being included in iconscraper and similar scripts that are scraping from the latest-img LJ feature. All you have to do is opt out of the latest-img thing.

Make sure you're logged into LJ as your journal. Go to the Admin Console at and input set latest_optout yes and click on the execute button.

I have opted out for adogs_breakfast, so images you post to this community will not be hotlinked. Please know that you can post images here safely.

If you are also a community maintainer, I strongly suggest you do the same to protect the members of your community/ies. To protect a community, go to the admin console link above and type set for communityname latest_optout yes and click on the execute button. If you maintain more than one community, you will need to do this for each community, replacing communityname each time.

I have also opted out for sga_lazyfans, just FYI. Icon away!
geeks in thought

speak of the devil...

So, after reading lots and lots of depressing fanwank over the last few Atlantis eps, I went about starting a community for squee and squee only. Imagine how delighted I was to find that this one already exists.

Y'all should promote this comm more; I think the fandom needs some squee right about now.

Random Thought

Too lazy to do much more than put the thought out there...I really like how they're showing more and more of the city in the most recent episodes. There's stairs and windows and other crew quarters and stuff.

Do you think they brought those potted plants from Earth? Or transplanted them from the mainland?
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